Monday, March 28, 2011

-Better News-

Bro. Calvert was moved from the hospital to his home yesterday. He has some infection on his lung, and has been put on antibiotics to treat that. What was thought to be a blood clot in his lungs was actually one of the original tumors in his lungs. So, between the infection and the tumor, he has been having difficulty breathing. He is on oxygen for now to aid his breathing. There is no specific word yet as to what will happen next with his treatments. The priority now is to get rid of the infection. He is weak but happy to be home.

Sis. Brewer has now been moved to an assisted living facility where she will be doing routine physical therapy to help her get back to normal. She is still on antibiotics to fight her infection and is doing very well under her circumstances.

We are trusting God for complete healing for Bro. Calvert and thank Him for what He has done already for both him and Sis. Karen Brewer. Everyone please keep in mind that we need to unite and fight for Pastor. Matthew 17:14-21 speaks about how some things come only through prayer and fasting. Let's get serious and follow the Word of God and do our best to pray and fast for our man of God.

Friday, March 25, 2011

-Needed Prayer-

Bro. Calvert has been recuperating nicely at home for the last 2 weeks following his surgery. No visitors have been welcome until his incision is completely healed and his immune system is up to par. Yesterday, however, there was a drop in the healing process. He had a very high temperature and was somewhat delirious. He was taken to St. Luke's and was treated there with tests, scans, etc. It is believed he has a blood clot in the lower half of his lung, which explains the delirium, due to the lack of oxygen to the lungs. Treatment for this would be surgery or blood thinner. Surgery is not an option because of the location of the clot and blood thinner will carry some kind of risk because of the tumors in his brain. Blood thinner is the only option right now and once his primary doctor gives the okay, that is the treatment that will be chosen. Please pray for Pastor.

Sis. Silene is home and recuperating from her surgery earlier this month, she does have an infection in the incision and is being treated with a special antibiotic that is unique to her needs. Please pray for Sis. Silene.

Sis. Karen Brewer is also in the hospital because of an infection in her blood. After given a steroid shot last week, an infection in her body that had not been apparent before, feasted on the sugar that the shot produced in her body and became very aggressive. She is conscious, but has alot of swelling in her body. She is being treated in the hospital now. Please pray for Sis. Karen.

There are many other needs throughout the church family and we ask that you would keep them all in prayer along with these particular needs. A lot happens quickly with these types of situations, so we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

-Up To Date-

So much has transpired in the last 3 weeks. We had our last service in the fellowship hall, our first in the sanctuary, a baby born and dedicated, many visiting ministers and great moves of God in our services. On Feb. 13, we moved upstairs, to everyone's absolute joy! We have been given words from God through Bro. Terry Mays, Bro. Rustyn Sorah and Bro. Jones in these last weeks.
Bro. Aaron & Sis. Tasha Ferrell had a healthy baby boy, Aaron Samuel Ferrell. He was born on February 1, at 4:24 PM. He was 20 in. long and weighed exactly 7 lbs. The couple, along with their family, dedicated him to the Lord on Feb. 27.
The recurring theme in message after message has been revival. There has been an obvious sign of spiritual growth here at FPC. We want more and more of it! We are ready for whatever God has in store and we are willing to do whatever it takes to receive it.
Let us not forget Bro. Calvert and the family with his surgery scheduled tomorrow, March 8, at 11 AM. This is a very important and critical surgery and he needs all of us to support him with our prayers. Also, Sis. Silene Huckabey has surgery scheduled tomorrow morning, please keep her in your prayers as well.