Thursday, February 10, 2011

-Final Cleaning-

On Wednesday, February 9th, First Pentecostal Church had a final cleaning of the sanctuary, as well as the fellowship hall. This was due to the fact that the pews are now in the upholstering process and we are waiting for the last materials to finish our custom pulpit. We are all hoping for the pews to be completed by this Sunday so we can enjoy our first scheduled service upstairs. Whether the pulpit is ready or not, we will continue with that plan. Thank you to all who were able to help with the cleaning, it is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. May all who have put their time and effort into this project reap the benefits that they have sewn in working for the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

-And Another Update-

Piece by piece, it is slowly coming together......So close, yet feeling so far from completion. Projected dates have been put aside for now. We will be upstairs when we get upstairs! One thing is for sure, it will truly be worth the long wait when we do make the transition.